2014 Edition

  • ERNESTO ZENAROLA, KLÖCKNER PENTAPLAST DE ARGENTINA SA “Quite well, I found Expo logisti-k very complete, many suppliers, I have achieved my goal, I came specifically in search of something and I have found it, I am quite satisfied with the visit. The level of exhibitors has been very good, I found it very complete, a lot of information, for me that is the most important aspect, I come from Córdoba, I am quite satisfied.”
  • MARCELO CASTILGJO “The truth is that it is very good, very complete, it is really very useful, the products being exhibited, all this…everything is of very high quality, very good level…I work in Logistics and this type of events helps us to advance in our company, there are new methods and we find them very interesting.”
  • ALBERTO BERTOGLI, ABC DISTRIBUCIÓN, PINAMAR, PCIA. DE BUENOS AIRES “Up to now I found what I have seen very interesting, very good, many exhibitors, once more, I have been coming for many years it is very interesting and very useful. All the things you need are concentrated here….specially for people like us who come from the interior of the country we are able to see everything together in one place…I have come to many and for sure I will be back in 2 years, I think it is a very good idea for people involved in the Logistics sector.”
  • CÉSAR ANDRÉS BERTOLIDI, PHILIPHS MORRIS INTERNATIONAL “Expo Logisti-k is really an exposition that surprises me, I find it has developed considerably from previous years…and I do not get tired of walking the show….I am satisfied with the quality of exhibitors, I see a large variety in Logistics solutions for transport as well as related operations. It is the third time I attend the Exposition and I am planning to come in the future…because I see it growing in each new edition.”
  • SILVIO COLUSSI, AUDIO SUDAMERICANA SA “I find Expo Logisti-k a very good option, I found several solutions in one place, we had been looking for some time for machines to handle goods and also racks and this has helped me find suppliers all together in one place, just by chance I received an email and to say the truth it has been very useful…one always finds new equipment to improve packing…"
  • VALERIA MENOSSI, ASSEKURANSA "Expo Logisti-k deserves my best opinion, we are always present in Expo Logisti-k, we find it a brilliant show for all matters related to international trade and logistics aspects at national and international level, we are specialists in this sector, for us it is extremely important to be able to participate either with a booth or as visitors…for us as an insurance company Assekuransa, we believe it is very important to be present and be part of Expo Logisti-k …many colleagues, clients…we always come, we are always present in Expo Logisti-k, we find it very good."
    “It is an exposition that I attend every year and I witness it becoming better on each edition, showing more products, including other lines of business in exhibits and I believe this is good for the industry. Yes I will come back, to see new products, keep updated with news and exchange opinions with colleagues”.
    “…(Expo Logisti-k) is very good because one has all the elements needed for daily work, logistics, products, suppliers that one is not familiar with and who can offer many tools and solutions for daily work…I found what I came to look for and more! Exhibitors have really got a very good level, excellent service and a lot of material…Expo Logisti-k is very useful for our daily activity, we are a logistics company, and we find here a lot of tools and contacts necessary in our daily activities…”
    “…I have found it very complete, in the sector I work in it has assisted me to have a wider choice of different techniques in the logistics market, I believe it evolves in each edition and advances towards constant improvement, I hope it continues this way and I will continue coming as usual. I am very satisfied with exhibitors, they have been very professional, very helpful and polite to inform me about the services they offered for people like me who came searching for new possibilities to incorporate to our companies”.
    “(Expo Logisti-k) has impressed me considerably, I see a lot of movement (…) I see a lot of people showing interest… the experience from other years is being repeated, very good…we are in this sector, (to come) yes it is mandatory! I have seen several exhibitors who were not here in previous editions…”
    “Expo Logisti-k was very good, many service companies which I found very interesting, yes really very interesting, everything is very nice, better than 2 years ago, even the quality of exhibitors and visitors…it was very well organized…my expectations have been surpassed…one finds good contacts in suppliers, new clients, it is good to continue organizing this show as it is very important for the sector.”